Sport fishing

For those passionate about sport fishing we have specialized advice, equipment rental and a boat Barracuda 380, the best in the area for specialized transport of tourism and sport fishing, which meets all security requirements; an expert guide in deep sea fishing and trained sailors, making their fishing successful and satisfactory.

We offer activity in 38-foot boat with two 4-stroke engines of 250 hp, 12 rod holders, bathroom, cabin, fresh water.

Shimano fishing equipment with Tallus reels and Tyrnos 30 reels, and Trevala with Talica 25 reels.

Spools Stella and rods Terez. Additionally, Out rigger, dow rigger, fishing sonar and GPS navigator.

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Enjoy a spectacular day of fishing bordering the coast, passing by Los Riscales in search of specimens such as: Snappers, Groupers, Sierras, Mackerel, Braves and other lesser species or experience a hardened day of fishing out to sea, looking for Los Isleros where you can find examples such as: Marlin, Sailfish, Goldfish, Wahoo and other major species.

We are Champions of the XII Sport Fishing Tournament in height, Bahía Solano 2018