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Whale Watching

From July to October enjoy the wonderful and unique opportunity of sighting humpback whales or Yubartas, which travel about 8,500 kilometers from Antarctica to the warm waters of this area of the country to copulate and give birth to their young.

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Dolphin Watching

Another of the great attractions to enjoy in Nuqui is the sighting of the curious and fun dolphins, which are usually found in the Gulf of Tribugá.

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Bird Watching

Ornithologists and tourists visit Nuquí to see some of the 650 species of birds that inhabit the Colombian Pacific.

Turtle watching

Turtles also find warmth in the Pacific waters needed to reproduce.

They lay their eggs on the beach and after almost two months, tourists have the opportunity to see the little ones running towards the sea.

Kayak departure

Kayaking paddling a relaxing activity to enjoy the landscape, which can be done in the sea or in any of the rivers of Nuquí.

Visit to the mangroves of the Coquí river

The trees and waterfalls make up the landscape that can be seen when the contrast between the lushness of the forest and the serenity of the waters of the Pacific is perceived.

The mangroves of Coquí are some of the best preserved in Colombia, the ride is also enjoyed in chingo.

Crossing the Jovi river in chingo

El Chingo is a wooden canoe used by the Embera Indians.

After a short walk along the beach, you take the chingo and navigate the river to observe the radiant nature and the beautiful colors of the flowers and native birds.


This service is offered by different surf schools in the region, where the visitor can also rent the board.

Some native surfers have represented us in several competitions internationally.

Crossing the jungle

During which you can observe the endemic dart frogs of the Colombian Pacific, in addition to many other exotic and striking species of fauna and the exuberant flora of the area the tour ends at Cascada 4 charms.

Green beach expedition

A beach of unparalleled beauty, includes the arrival to Cabo Corrientes the northern point of Colombia, where several ocean currents converge; place of impressive beauty to appreciate the marine fauna great variety of birds and fishes (practicing snorkeling) and the splendor of the jungle of the Pacific.

Transfer to the Utría natural national park

Few places gather so much mystery and beauty at the same time, as the Ensenada de Utría located on the north coast of the Colombian Pacific, in the department of Chocó.

Its calm and warm waters are a favorable place for the arrival of migratory species such as sea turtles, birds and whales.

Hike to thermal

In the path of Termales, after a delightful 30-minute walk along the beach, you will arrive at a natural spa. And it is there in the middle of the thick vegetation where there are two thermal pools that give name to the place.